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Korean (한국어)

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During the Covid-19, we are offering online classes for language learning. 

Mass interest in Korean language is worth appreciating there in. With not enough ornamentation but solely on one motive of spreading Korean education in India this academy stands unique. It has a vision- "Korean language to all".


Korean Language is one of the most popular south Asian languages that have carved a place for itself in the world scenario. Our motto is to spread this language thus in a way helping to embrace Korean way of life which is culturally very rich.


Linguistic Academy is one institute of its kind who has gone long way to educate its learners through its innovative technique of 'diversified courses.' Lectures on Korean lifestyle, food habits, and social customs, religious thinking have been made available to the students in a very interesting way.


Course Structure


TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)

Korean language course is divided into 6 equal levels of 2 months each which covers entire TOPIK1 and TOPIK2. K1 is beginner level and and K6 is advanced level.
TOPIK1 (Basic) has 2 sub levels - K1 and K2 and
TOPIK2 (Intermediate to Advanced) has 4 sub levels - K3, K4, K5, and K6

Our course is made to cover all important tools of Korean language -LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing). We have a good team of qualified trainers (MA to Phd in Korean language). 

K1: Beginner level

Duration: 2 months

Learn the Korean Alphabets or Korean writing system called “Hanguel” .

Learn how to greet, basic conversation in Korean

Learn early level grammar

K2: Basic level

Duration: 2 months

After completing the level students will be able to introduce themselves in Korean. Greet a preson and talk about someone’s nationalities, occupation, hobbies.

Korean counting numbers (Which is specific and unique)

Time & Date, days of week, month names

Learn the expressions about family. Will be able to talk about family members. 


K3: Intermediate level

Duration: 2 months

Will be able to have good length conversation. 
Responding accurate time&date, years with Korean numbers.
Vocabulary regarding daily loves.
After completing this level able to utilise informal sentence endings, conversation about everyday life.


K4: Intermediate+ level

Duration: 2 months

After completing this level learners can form their own conversation, understand movies, news, music lyrics without subtitle.
Can have a good command on Hanja (Chinese characters)


K5: Semi Advanced level

Duration: 2 months

Learners can start writing their own thoughts, understand Korean Culture in deep, express their views and speak,write,read fluently.

After completing this level learners find themselves as fully proficient in the Korean Language

K6: Advanced level

Duration: 2 months

By doing this level Leaners can read ancient literature, culture and history of korea (most of them are written in Chinese Language called Hanja).

After finishing this level a learner can have ability of language as a native Korean Speaker..


Other Korean langauge courses:

- Corporate Training in Korean language

- Business Korean classes

We also provide fast track course to candidates according to their need.


Process of joining:
1. – Fill the registration form,
2. - Share filled form via e-mail/whatsapp along with necessary documents (photo id proof and photo).
3. - Pay your fees Online
4. - Get your schedule of classes
5. - Start your learning in Korean language

멈추지 말고 계속 해나가기만 한다면 늦어도 상관없다.









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