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English ⇄ Hindi

It is very common that people get confused very easily about the accents spoken in the Gulf Countries...

  • may - aug 2019

English ⇄ Arabic

Mandarin is the national language of China and Taiwan, and is the language you should choose if travelling...

  • june - aug 2019

English ⇄ Chinese

Linguistic Academy provides year-round intensive English instruction for youths, international students, businessmen...

  • may - aug 2019

English ⇄ French

Language courses are intended to give a general knowledge of the language and aim to improve the students...

  • June - Aug 2019

English ⇄ German

The German language is considered one of the major languages of the world, although it lacks the global distribution...

  • may - aug 2019

English ⇄ Spanish

Spanish is a language originally from the northern area of Spain. It is the official language of Spain, most Latin American ...

  • june - aug 2019

English ⇄ Japanese

We are leaders in providing Japanese language training by native Japanese trainers. Japanese...

English ⇄ Korean

Mass interest in Korean language is worth appreciating there in. With not enough ornamentation...

  • june - aug 2019

English ⇄ Portuguese

The Portuguese language is classed as one of the Romance languages and is derived from the medieval...

  • may - aug 2019

English ⇄ Russian

Russian is spoken by approximately 300 million people worldwide, and is the world’s eighth-most spoken...

  • june - aug 2019

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