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This course has been designed to cater to the needs of those individuals who want to work in a Dutch-speaking environment. There are three reasons of learning Dutch:


A) Academic:
The learner wants to study in the Netherlands or Belgium, which are one of the favourite destinations in Europe for studying engineering, medicine, art, architecture and humanities.


The learner works in a Dutch-speaking environment in one’s own country and wants to travel to the Netherlands and Belgium for business related works.


C) Integration in a Dutch-speaking country:
The learner wants to unite with one’s spouse in Netherlands.


D) Healthcare and Nursing:
There is a high demand of health care professionals especially nurses who wants to work in healthcare sector in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Dutch Proficiency Tests

The following tests check the candidate’s ability to understand Dutch language:


a) CNaVT

Individuals travelling to the Netherlands or Belgium for business or academic reasons or those who work in a Dutch-speaking environment in their home country can take this exam. This test is conducted by certain educational institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium. The test has three parts:

1) Speaking skills

2) Listening comprehension

3) Writing skills


This test has four levels- A2 (Basic), B1(Threshold), B2(Intermediate), and C1(Advanced). The CNaVT test has its exam centres in India also. Please visit the following link for more information about this exam.



b) Basic civic integration examination

This exam is for those individuals who want to integrate in Dutch society. The exam has three parts:

1) Knowledge of Dutch society

2) Speaking skills

3) Reading and listening comprehension


Please visit the following link for more information.



Study Materials

The following books can help students in preparing for this exam:

a) Teach yourself Dutch

b) Nederland in gang

c) Naar nederland


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