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Online language learning a challenge

Canvas was clear, we had colours but didn't have art, so we picked colours and started painting it.

Do you know how it looked?


Fortunately it became a painting, filled with some colours not perfectly but beautifully and full of creation.

OK, let me tell you –


It was the end of winter and post the Holi period when the whole world was shaken .caused by Covid-19. In India and rest of the world, nobody had any idea what would happen the following day. Suddenly people started being panicky and feeling insecure when several news were spread about the shortage of medicines, ration, and toilet paper. In the 3rd week of March 2020 most of the nations declared lockdown in their countries including India. Now it was the first week of lockdown when every single person was stopped by choice or force. There was uncertainty about the future and nobody knew   what would happen next. We speculated that the situation was going to be worse for a long time, so I along with a few students started our online classes and in this way we found our route to move ahead on 27th March 2020. It was nearly impossible for us at that time because earlier we were not in favour of online teaching for skill based or language programs. 

Since that day we have been teaching English and foreign languages to our students online. We started, learnt, and implemented. Now when people are looking for the language courses, we are available with experienced teams to serve them better. Our team is preparing now for more advanced classes with latest and tested features for the benefit of students/learners. The whole six months journey wasn't so easy but we were determined to come back, so we did. I personally thank all students who have placed their faith in us and our teams who fought against the morbid situation. People joined us not only from Delhi but also from several other cities of India and even other countries. We stood for learning and teaching as everybody should do for his or her job for dream.

During lockdown (Apr-Sep 2020), we taught English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and Japanese. We provided our translation services too. Currently we are offering more languages (Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, etc) online for students.

Linguistic Academy is committed to serve you always in better ways, so we have decided to support our students to get placement as well. 'Learningo' our learning app is also available on Google Play store.


"Stay Home, Maintain physical distance, Be healthy, Keep learning"


All the best!

Prabhat Yadav


Online language learning

Due to Covid -19 situation Institutes are not allowed to conduct classes at their premises(offline). Linguistic Academy is dedicated to provide you uninterrupted classes (Online). We have been teching various classes of different languages online since March 27th, 2020.

We assure to keep the quality of learning same as it was before. New technologies and tools are making our path easy and clear.

Ask for upcoming classes ASAP to save your time and to become advanced than others. JOIN SOON.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Keep learning.


Young Indians are more multilingual

Young Indians are more multilingual than their elder generation with about half the urban population aged 15 to 49 years speaking two languages and about a sixth being trilingual. In rural India, about a quarter in the same age group are bilingual. The higher the age group, the lesser the proportion of people who know more than one language whether in rural or urban India. Recently released census data also shows that the gender gap on this count is narrowing both in urban and rural India.

French Language Offer

New batch for French Language is going to start.

Hindi Language Beginner Course starts soon

Registration is open, Limited seats are left.