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Linguistic Academy provides year-round intensive English instruction for youths, international students, businessmen and women and visitors who wish to improve their English communication skills or prepare themselves for the spoken, literature, competative english, content writing, Personality Development, Voice Acent, TOEFL, IELTS or GMAT exams. Our commitment is to make your time in the institute a comfortable, fun, and rewarding educational experience.

While students gains fluency of language they also achieve great confidence and get over the inhibition and hesitation. We have three courses Courses in English are available for a wide cross section of people. Whether you understand a little or more whether you speak very little or dont speak at all, we have a package designed especially for you. Although courses lay stress on spoken language, written language is improved through regular assignments. Expertise in spoken language gives instant boost to confidence and identification with the section of well educated people. Group discussions speeches and talks widen horizon and improve awareness. While giving talks participants are guided on to finer points of language pronunciation, intonation, pause, stress and style. While the student is enriched with the basic language skills he finds a positive change in his personality gains confidence and improves self esteem. We follow a step by step fool proof method. A method that needs no credentials to prove its testimony.

The level of each participant is carefully assessed before the commencement of the course.

Beginners (Basic): Designed for students who have little or no background in English language. The course will provide a solid foundation for communicating in the language focusing on daily greetings, vocabulary, basic conversation, and some basic grammar.

Intermediate (Junior and Senior): Designed for students who have some prior knowledge of English language. Practice will facilitate daily life situations while focusing on communication. More basic - advanced grammar and vocabulary will be stressed through real-life activities that are relevant to the students’ goals.

Junior - This level provide the confidence to reply in English through various practices and appropriate use of  of basic grammar. 

Senior - This level helps to enhance fluency in speaking by using further grammar. 

Advanced: Focuses on achieving highly effective communication in various situations through guided discussions and work targeted to the students’ goals. Accent reduction is also one of the objectives at this level. Advanced grammar accuracy is developed through practical exercises. Proficiency is achieved through individualized attention that reduces and eliminates weaknesses in oral and written communication skills.



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