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Arabic                   العربية

 It is very common that people get confused very easily about the accents spoken in the Gulf Countries, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, etc. Every one interested in learning the same, has his own opinion. Like, if a person has businesses in Saudi Arabia, would ask for Arabic spoken in Saudi Arabia, if in Egypt would ask for Egyptian accent and so on. Yes, definitely there are lots of differences in colloquial Arabic between Arab countries, even every region, city and country has its own accent and dialect up to some extant. Overall you will get innumerable accents, then which one should a beginner go through? Having worked as an interpreter for different companies and got opportunities of interaction with Arab people face to face and over the phone as well, I have observed and even sought their respective ideas at different times and locations about accents and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Every one advised to teach the latter i.e. (MSA), which is used in books, news papers, radio, television programs, political speeches etc. And it's not only understood by a particular region, city or country but also understood in whole Arab world.

Levels for learning Arabic language;

1. Basic: 2 months

2. Intermediate: 3 months

3. Advance: 3 months



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